The new speaker and a term:

SERENDIPITY - the chance observation of something not originally sought.

WOLF VON LANGA has been observing developments in the loudspeaker market for decades. Therefore, in addition to the existing floorstanding loudspeakers from his own production, he would like to offer you a small, handy format - a desideratum that will meet your personal wishes, the fulfillment of which you might have considered impossible until now... The WVL success model SON is already considered small by many people, but this loudspeaker certainly loves space around it, in other words: it needs a little space to be able to show its qualities to the full.

WVL SERENDIPITY Your new loudspeaker!

WVL's search for a way not to sacrifice superior quality even in a smaller living space or studio was crowned with success on an unusual path of discovery:

A midrange loudspeaker that WOLF VON LANGA had envisaged in response to many requests to offer yet another larger model, proved to be a new and surprising discovery. This discovery, which went beyond happy coincidence, allowed the intelligent conclusion that a mid-bass loudspeaker could also be made from it. From this resourcefulness and other tidbits, a loudspeaker was born:


The record-sized SERENDIPITY is not only convincing tonally, dynamically and in terms of design, but also impresses with naturalness in the truest sense of the word. The measurement results are so outstanding that WOLF VON LANGA also recommends this loudspeaker as a listening monitor for sound engineers. The size makes ideal placement in the listening room a breeze; in the studio, the speaker is simply placed on the console.

Technically, this is a composition of pure goodies. Take a look at the detailed description of the WVL SERENDIPITY compact loudspeaker on the following pages... 

...or else you arrange a listening appointment immediately: Your new loudspeaker!